<aside> ✨ I’m a product designer currently working on some new stuff. Want to chat about design consulting, interview prep, or anything else? Book time with me!


My design journey (so far)

🌟 Design consulting 2023-now

🛠️ Notion 2022-2023

📸 Instagram Camera 2022

🎥 FB Video 2020-2022

📍 Google Maps 2018-2020

🎓 MIT B.S. in Architecture

🍎 Interned at Codecademy, PayPal, Höweler + Yoon, Brian Healy Architects

My approach & values

🧸 Show, not tell

Why just talk when we can prototype instead? If something’s up for debate, I’ll always opt to test it out.

🤩 Perfect is overrated

I don’t aim for 100% on the first try. Quick iterations and user feedback are where the magic happens.

🛝 Design isn’t sacred

My files are playgrounds, not temples. I’m open to wild turns, tossing old ideas, and I’m always up for a creative romp.

🧱 Lego blocks

Every choice is a building block for the future. I aim to create systems that make all of our lives easier down the road.

🦄 Anyone can design

I thrive in places where trust runs high and egos run low. I like to bring everyone along for the ride, and welcome everyone to contribute.

⚡ The ‘aha’ standard

Great design doesn’t just solve the problem — it makes you go, "Duh, why didn't I think of that?"

In my career, I’ve…

Represented design vision and product strategy at the executive level

Led large (10+ teams, 20+ designers) design sprints and workshops

Created and maintained design systems and components used by 30+ designers